About Gaelturas


Gaelturas is an Irish language organization based in Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal which organises Irish Language and Cultural holidays for adults. At Gaelturas we are passionate about the language and cultural traditions of North West Donegal’s Gaeltacht.

Our aim is to put you the learner at the centre of that tradition whilst taking part in a weeklong course. We aim to provide you with an intimate enjoyable learning experience through introducing you to a rich and vibrant language and culture, which has been part of everyday life here for thousands of years.

Doimnic i mbun ceoil istigh i nGabhla

You will learn the language and culture of this area from local people steeped in this long tradition. We will guide you on paths less travelled allowing you to experience the amazing natural beauty and history of this part of Donegal and we will take part in that living linguistic and cultural tradition as we enjoy music sessions, concerts, ceilidhe and craic during the long summer evenings.