Below you will find a list of different accommodation in Gaoth Dobhair.  All accommodation would be considered good quality and of a midrange standard with prices varying from around €30 to €50 per night.  An Chúirt hotel offers 4* standard accommodation.  All of the accommodation below is within a 5km radius of Bunbeg where the courses will be held.  If you are travelling to attend our course in Gaoth Dobhair without a car we will arrange transport to and from your accommodation.  Gaoth Dobhair can get very busy especially during the summer months so it is advisable to book early when possible.

Teach Jack, An Glaisigh
About 4km from Bunbeg.

Teach Campbell
Less than 1km from Bunbeg.

Teach an Bhuna Bhig
Less than 1km from College site.

Bunbeg Lodge
1/2 km from College Site.